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Rediscover Fun and Play
An attitude that seems to be so prevalent in the United States and one that shows no indication of improving is the idea that adults can't play and that our primary focus should be work, work and perhaps a bit more work!

I'd like to share some of my observations, thoughts and ideas with you.

I know you've been working on clarity regarding your goals and on resolutions, motivation and reclaiming your right to discover and determine your own path, your own direction. You've increased your ability to focus and you know that you are now on the right path or at least you are heading in the right direction and using the right tools to help you each step of the way.

There's just one little problem - whatever happened to having a little fun and being able to play without somehow feeling guilty.

I have noticed in myself and with many of my clients and friends that somewhere along the way we sometimes seem to forget that it is okay (and more than okay, necessary) to have fun and to play. That after work we can relax, have a little fun and enjoy life.

I've been lucky, I have always been able reconnect to the child within me, although I have misplaced her every now and then. My recent dilemma (and one I see in too many people) seems to be that somehow I've acquired the belief that I don't have and can't take the time to actually play and have fun and just enjoy this wonderful life that I am in the process of creating and living. It just "feels" as if I am not somehow entitled to that pleasure of putting work away and doing nothing except having fun. There just doesn't seem to be time to make room for playtime.

The past is where we have been and we learn from it. It can guide us on this journey of our life, teaching us and helping us realize what we want, who we are and where we want to be. The future is yet to come and we can dream about it and visualize how wonderful it will be allowing those dreams and images to guide us in that direction. But what about now? This moment? The present? This is where we exist, this is where we actually live this life we've been given and it is meant to be enjoyed. Laugh, love, giggle, play, dance, swim, read, nap, do whatever gives you joy and whatever allows you to relax fully. At least once a day remind yourself about this. Make it a habit. Do at least one thing that gives you pleasure.

If you do not, then you've lost your "now", the "present" and eventually you'll find yourself in a sort of limbo land of work, wishes, dreams, dissatisfaction and not quite reachable goals but rarely will you feel the satisfaction of a job well done or a life well lived. You can't because the job is never really done and the living isn't happening. Worse than that, you'll feel as if you are simply existing, not even coming close to experiencing all that this world has to offer you.

When you don't take the time to play, you put both your body and your mind in a stressful situation and the mind will then go into a light form of hypnosis as a means of coping. The problem with hypnosis under these conditions is that we have put ourselves into a suggestible state when we are not in a positive atmosphere. You can imagine what a negative impact this can have on your thoughts, perceptions, emotions, etc. I've dealt with this in prior articles and letters before so we don't have to cover it now. Suffice it to say that playing and the ability to have fun also allows you to cope with stressful situations without becoming suggestible while in a negative situation or state of mind.

Our hopes, dreams and goals are the things that get us moving forward. They guide us toward the right path and show us the life we want to live. This is a great thing, but not the only thing. We must remember how to be a kid again. How to enjoy the moment completely, fully. We must allow this creation of life that we have set in motion to unfold and present us with the unlimited possibilities that are available. Possibilities we will begin to see even more clearly when we can reconnect with the child in each of us and can freely laugh, love and play.

We each do create our own reality with our thoughts each and every day; don't forget to create and have a little fun while you are at it.

                                                                                 Linda Simmon, C.Ht.

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