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I had been a legal secretary for more than 15 years when I was first introduced to hypnotherapy through a friend who was seeing a hypnotherapist. He spoke glowingly about his experiences with his hypnotherapist. Shortly after that, I went through a particularly difficult time and decided to see his hypnotherapist. It was quite an amazing process and at that time I thought that this is what I would like to do with my life. Unfortunately, life had other plans for me then and delayed my entry this wonderfully healing profession. I continued to become more entrenched in the legal field. A long way I'm sure you'll say from the healing profession.

One day a few years ago I realized that I had spent another 10 years working in law. Since I realized that I would probably be working for at least another 15-20 years, the thought of continuing to do that work in the legal profession was not only depressing, it was unacceptable. I thought to myself "I can't continue to do this, I'll go insane!" I guess life agreed with me because it was at this same time that I came across an advertisement for the school I had investigated earlier. The very next day I made a phone call. It took me a few months but I made it over there, liked what I heard and saw and made the commitment that would changed my life.

At the time I thought this will be so much more fun than law. And it is! But it has turned out to be so much more than that. As a hypnotherapist I am able to help people in ways that I never dreamed would be possible. Through hypnosis I can help people change their lives, get new beginnings and create a life that is abundant, balanced and self-empowering.

I want to share one of my cases with you all. Please be aware that information has been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. I have a client who was diagnosed HIV positive about 11 years ago. This client did not originally come to me because of this diagnosis, but for pain management. And pain management is what we worked on. However, there are general healing suggestions that can be given, suggestions that can help every single individual improve the quality of their life. I removed any references to my client's diagnosis. The reason for this is that people frequently are so afraid to hope for a cure, so afraid to even believe that what they wish for could happen that they put up blocks, remove the possibility of getting their wish granted by simply not believing. Not only that, but many people have simply been so beaten down by their life circumstances that even if they consciously pursue something positive, their subconscious doesn't believe it will happen or that they deserve to have it happen.

I saw my client once a week initially for about a month then twice a week for about two months and during each and every session in addition to working on pain control I took a couple of minutes to give and reinforce positive suggestions. Towards the end of the second month during one of our sessions I asked how everything was going and if there was anything new. My client told me there wasn't much new, but that there had been progress on relieving the pain and we had been successful in reducing the amount of pain medication that was needed (this had been our goal). Then, as an after thought I was told, "Oh, by the way, I saw my aids doctor the other day and something interesting has happened." I asked what that was and was told "Well, for the first time since my initial diagnosis over 11 years ago, there has been a 700% improvement on all levels. The doctor couldn't understand what had happened because during the last 11 years the readings have always either remained the same or gotten progressively worse."

You can imagine how I felt! All my suggestions went in without any editing or blocking from my client. We had managed to circumvent self-defeating thought processes.

I cannot put into words how wonderful this made me feel. To have the ability, the knowledge and the tools to help someone in this manner, well, it is simply beyond description but it is wonderful and I am so excited that I made the decision to leave law and become a hypnotherapist.

My practice is located in Southern California. In addition to the CDs and downloadable mini-sessions available, I do face to face, phone sessions and sponsored healing weekend workshops.

                                                                                        Linda Simmon, C.Ht.
                                                                                        New Beginnings

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