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Life is a Journey
Life is a Journey, I like to think of it as a road trip with the final destination being "home". I believe that in life the destination is also home and that "home" is what follows this life we live here on this planet Earth. Unfortunately most of us forget to enjoy the trip! Instead we focus on the destinations and goals that we set for ourselves along the way.

Frequently when a person reaches a goal, they experience a kind of let down or depression or simply find that they are dissatisfied with the result. This is because they are thinking of the goal as a destination and attaching their happiness to that goal. Hoping that by reaching the goal they will finally be happy; making their happiness contingent on something other than themselves.

What we forget is that our goals are meant to guide us and really should be just one part of a long road trip. A trip that takes a lifetime with many little interesting side trips.

If you acknowledge and accept this, it becomes so much easier to see beyond the immediate goal to all those goals that can follow; all the other interim destinations and goals that are yours to enjoy and those that can make the journey so much more interesting and pleasurable. If you do this, there will always be an excitement or anticipation about what comes next.

How many times have you heard or even said yourself if I only had this person, or that amount of money, or that house or that car or, or, or whatever, then I would be happy. But it just isn't so. Somehow there is always something or someone better or newer or just more and the pattern repeats itself over and over again.

I firmly believe that we are meant to be happy and joyful and have fun, but even more than that, we are meant to "experience" we are meant to "live", live now, not tomorrow, not in your past, but now.

The past is where you were and hopefully you've learned from it. It can guide you on this journey of your life. It can help you realize what you want, who you are, where you want to be. But it isn't where you should live your whole life. How many of you have friends or loved ones who spend most of their time talking about their glory days? Perhaps it was when they were in school, or perhaps in the military or traveling with friends that wonderful summer, it could be anything and any time, but it is always in the past. How sad to pine for that past and what a waste of life now!

Then there are those friends who spend all their time talking about what might happen. What they will do if this or that occurs, what they will do if they ever have more money, more time, more, more and more, but it is always in the future. The future is yet to come, and yes you can and should dream about it and visualize how wonderful it will be and allow those dreams and images to guide you. But it isn't where you should live your whole life.

What about now? This moment? This instant? This is where you exist, this is where you actually are living this life you've been given; and, it is meant to be enjoyed. Laugh, love, giggle, play, dance, run, swim, have incredible sex, read, nap, do whatever gives you joy, whatever makes you smile, whatever fills you with excitement and anticipation. At least once a day remind yourself about this. Make it a habit. Do at least one thing that gives you pleasure. One thing that reminds you that you are living right now, this moment. You are in the middle of your journey, the middle of this wonderful "road trip" that you have been invited to participate in.

If you don't do this, then you've lost your "now", the "present" and eventually you'll find that you've lost yourself as well.

Truth is, if you were totally and completely satisfied with no surprises around the corner, nothing to shake up your world a bit, life would be boring. Luckily life isn't like this. There is always something new out there, something to surprise, startle or delight you. This life was meant to be a journey, a journey of experiences that lead you from here to the next existence.

Allow your life to evolve, invite it in, experience what this world has to offer, live life now, right this instant!

                                                                                 Linda Simmon, C.Ht.

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