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Changing Your Life Script
How Do You Change Your Life Script?

The first step is to wake up and realize your have choice. In every phase of your life, you need to be aware. Know that no matter what things might look like or what situation you currently find yourself in, you always have a choice. And know that when you make choices that express the real you, your life becomes yours and it will feel richer and thicker and fuller.

Everything in life is a choice. The challenge is understanding that just because you choose love, success, a better job, joy, happiness, prosperity or anything on a conscious level, it does not mean you will receive it. Your choice must first tie into the core of your being, your entire belief system, your life script. For instance, you can choose success and desire a high income or a luxurious home, but if you do not believe you can get that home or deserve that home with every level of your being, you may never receive it. However, the first step is to choose at a conscious level before you can convince your subconscious that it is possible.

Compare it to strength training. When you first begin to work your muscles, you can only lift a small amount of weight, but as time goes on and you increase the weight you are lifting, you increase the muscle's strength and ability. In making a choice, you must begin by acknowledging the choice you are making, even if you don't truly believe it at the time. Daily reminders of the choices you have made will reinforce your internal belief and it will slowly build, and you will begin to see the results of your choices.

Incorporating hypnotherapy as one of the tools available to you for your use in implementing your choices, by directly accessing the subconscious can greatly speed up this process of change.

It is your choice what you believe and what you want to experience, but only when you're willing to look at what's not true in you life and let it go.

The main thing that I would like to say is that everyone is entitled to prosperity. This is our right, our legacy. It's as natural as the grass growing and the sun shining on a lovely day. Everyone should believe this. You are ENTITLED!

                                                                                 Linda Simmon, C.Ht.

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