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Senate Bill 577
New Law for California Hypnotists, Master Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists

Senate Bill 577 went into effect January 1, 2003. Starting at that time, those therapists who are not licensed in the healing arts are required to have new clients read and sign a disclosure form. The client receives a copy and the therapist is required to keep a signed copy for three years. Since Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated profession and does not qualify for State licensing, this means that all hypnotherapists must have their clients sign and retain a disclosure form. The disclosure form must notify the client that the hypnotherapist is not a licensed physician, that the session is complementary to healing arts services, that the therapist's services are not licensed by the state, the nature of the services to be performed, and the therapists education and training.

Certification is awarded to those hypnotherapists who attend state licensed schools with state approved hypnotherapy instructors. Don't be afraid to ask your potential hypnotherapist if they are certified and ask for proof. The initials C.Ht. can only appear after your hypnotherapists name if they have received this certification.

This new law is a major step forward in the legal recognition of hypnotherapy and other complementary alternative healing arts practices. California is one of the first states to develop such a law.

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