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Quit Smoking
So, you've decided to quit smoking or at least think about quitting. This process of quitting is a process that works best with preparation and step-by-step adherence to a plan. You must be ready and want to quit before you attempt to move forward in this effort. If you are quitting for someone else or because someone is putting pressure on your to quit, your chances of success will be severely limited. Quit for yourself, for your life and so that you can really live.

The following steps are designed to be used with the Quit Smoking CDs that I have created to help you. Follow these steps carefully to prepare you to quit. You must follow these steps exactly in order to maximize your success. Do not skip any steps.

First, Chose a day to quit and write it down. Choosing the day to quit and purchasing a Quit Smoking CD or using some sort of program are important first steps down the road to being a Non Smoker.

Smoking has worked its way into so many areas of your life that you need to alter your surroundings and your triggers or associations to limit your temptations. Part of this process is to limit where, what and how you smoke. Following these steps carefully will help prepare you to quit on your quit date. Don't skip any steps and follow them exactly in order to maximize your success.

1.   Write down your most important personal reasons for quitting. Keep this with you and look at it often as a reinforcement during your final week of smoking before your quit date and as long as your need it after your quit date. Most important, read your reasons each night right before you go to bed. Do not underestimate the power of your own words.

Choose a place to smoke in or around your home that is the least comfortable place you can think of to smoke. This must become the ONLY place in your home you smoke during the final week of smoking. Remember, from this moment on you no longer smoke for pleasure. You are smoking to quit. Move all your smoking paraphernalia such as ashtrays and lighters to this new one spot. Stop smoking in the car and limit smoking at work to the absolute minimum. Take a moment and think before you smoke, "do I really want this cigarette or am I just reaching for it out of habit."

Now, get rid of ALL brands of cigarettes that you now smoke. Throw them away. You will no longer be smoking any of your regular brands again.

Make a commitment to only buy cigarettes during this final week one pack at a time. You absolutely will not buy another pack until the one before is completely gone. Now, and this is also a key point. Each time you buy a new pack, change brands never buying your old familiar brand again.

For this final week, cut the cigarettes in half and only smoke the filtered half. Also change hands, use the opposite hand that you would normally use. It know it sounds silly, but this is about behavior modification and breaking associations and triggers. Don't skip any of these steps. You lessen your chances of success if you do.

Limit alcohol consumption the week prior to quitting and through a week after quitting. Alcohol can lessen your resolve.

Reduce caffeine consumption to a minimum as well. This can help you through the process as well.

Get plenty of rest, especially during your first smoke free week. The body does most of its healing while we sleep. Give your body enough rest to really begin the healing process more fully.

Start to increase your water intake and natural fruit juices and pick up a good quality B-complex vitamin. This can help the body heal and deal with any stress that you might be feeling.

Finally, go out and tell everybody you are going to quit on your quit date.

I read something recently that I want to share: "It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not."

So go out there and beat this habit, win.

                                                                                  Linda Simmon, C.Ht.

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