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Speeding Up the Process
So you're keeping your journals, focusing on goals, abundance, prosperity and positive affirmations and yes, you are beginning to gradually feel better -- but everything seems to take so long. Sometimes this process seems very slow and requires hard work. And why is this? Because you are doing it the hardest way possible! You are working solely on a conscious level attempting to change thoughts, feelings, actions, behavior patterns, habits and emotions that develop and grow at the subconscious level.

It has been so thrilling to get feedback from my clients on an almost daily basis telling me how our sessions together and my tapes have changed their lives and how quickly results have occurred. This is what I have dreamed of being able to do.

One of my clients who wanted to lose weight was able to break down barriers (for the first time ever) that she had fought with her entire life after just a few sessions and listening to her tape every night for a week. How excited she was, how much more energy she had and how joyful I was to see her self-confidence and happiness expanding each and every day!

Another client who has experienced one disastrous relationship after another was so happy when after only a couple of weeks of hypnotherapy she found herself thinking, feeling and acting differently and after little more than a month not only felt that she finally knew who and what she wanted, but had found it!

My greatest joy has come from the feedback that I have gotten from the numerous clients who have come to me when they were at a crossroads. They felt stuck, unable to really find joy or happiness any longer. I often hear the words "beaten down". Their positive response after just the first session makes me feel, but I feel even better as they continue getting stronger, happier and more positive with each and every session. I've been privileged to participate in and watch each and every aspect of their lives improve and so quickly.

This isn't magic, although some of my clients refer to it as magic. The principle of hypnotherapy is simple. I can't take credit for creating the magic because each individual's own mind creates the healing or magic. I am simply the conduit for the self-healing that takes place. But if you try to work on subconscious issues on a conscious level, you are working backwards and doing it the hard way. Hit the heart of the problem, hit it quickly and watch positive results start almost immediately.

Some people are afraid of hypnosis because they feel that it is giving control over their mind to someone else and the truth is that hypnosis does nothing more than allow an individual more access to their own subconscious allowing them to heal themselves.

A world rich in abundance surrounds each of us if we will just step up and claim it.

                                                                                  Linda Simmon, C.Ht.

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