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Recently, I had the honor of having a long distance tarot reading done by Becky and it truly was amazingly accurate. Truthfully, I did not understand how it could possibly work, but it does. It really does. So I wanted to introduce everybody to Becky. She is wonderful.


Fortunes have been won and lost with a deck of cards. Fortunes have also been told using the same deck. The deck of cards that I speak about is actually a modern version of the Tarot (pronounced "Ta-roh"). Tarot has been around for centuries and its origin is still a mystery, which makes it all the more obscure.

Tarotists see the cards as two decks, the first being the Major Arcana, which has twenty-two cards, and the second being the Minor Arcana, which has fifty-six cards. The Major Arcana contains the most powerful cards, which provide messages about spiritual lessons in life. The Minor Arcana, which are more like the modern version of playing cards that you are familiar with, contain messages about communication, emotions, creativity, intellect, and challenges, to name but a few. How each card falls in the reading also has an added message.

Before I do a reading, I ALWAYS ground myself, merely through visualization or meditation. I also visualize an open channel of light from Spirit directly to my heart chakra, as well as visualize my crown chakra opening up, and ask for messages from Spirit for the good of all mankind. Secondly, I clear my deck of any negative energy, as there is a certain amount of energy that comes from the publisher, the factory, people who have touched the deck during the packing process, etc. Again, a visualization or meditation will clear the deck of any negative energy. Because everyone has their own energy "fingerprint," it is also important to clear the deck before and after each reading.

Once I have opened myself up, and cleared the deck, I then ask the querant to think about his or her question. I also ask the querant to shuffle his or her question into the deck. Spirit has a way of picking up what the querant needs to hear to move ahead and grow. It's also amazing is that I am able to provide effective readings to querants long distance, via the internet - for people I've not met nor heard their voice.

Some Tarotists add significance to reversed cards - I do not. We are counselors and the power of suggestion is a great thing. I always look at the cards as though they are upright and in fact, have sorted my deck accordingly. It is important to always be optimistic and see the good in every situation. While I know this can be a challenge at times, I'm a firm believer that there is a silver lining in every cloud. Therefore, I present my readings in that fashion - positive! Also, if a card pops out of the deck, falls on the floor, etc., I view that as Spirit wanting to ensure that querant receives a particular message. We must pay attention to any and all messages, and cards "popping" out of the deck are one of the signs!

As I said earlier, the Tarot deck consists of seventy-eight cards, twenty-two of which are the Major Arcana, and fifty-six of which are the Minor Arcana. The word "arcana" means "secret" or "mysterious". Everyone has their own path in life, but of course, there are many choices. The choices we make will impact that path. Using the Tarot is an excellent way to ask Spirit to provide direction for a greater understanding and hopefully give some clarity of one's path. Not only does the Major Arcana provide messages about spiritual lessons in life, but also it helps the querant reach a level of higher consciousness. If the querant receives a number of Major Arcana cards in a reading, it means that the querant is learning spiritual lessons - the greatest lesson of all, to search within one's soul and grow spiritually.

The Minor Arcana are very similar to a regular deck of fifty-two playing cards, except that the Minor Arcana has fifty-six cards. There are four suits, which are further divided into two parts - the ten numbered cards and the court cards, those being the Page, the Knight, the Queen, and the King. The Page and the Knight have been combined to form the Jack that you are familiar with in the modern deck of playing cards.

The suits and the meanings are as follows:
The Pentacles (Diamonds) speak to us about material things, money, and communication.
The Cups (Hearts) speak to us about emotions and love.
The Wands (Clubs) speak to us about creativity and education.
The Swords (Spades) speak to us about intellect, thoughts, and challenges.

The Tarot can be used daily to see what "lessons" will be presented to the querant. The Tarot can also be used to see what is hindering or helping a relationship, or what direction to take in your career. It's a mystery as to how Spirit can provide such profound messages through the Major and Minor Arcana - in fact, it's uncanny; and, even more amazing is that I am able to provide effective readings long distance via the internet. As I think about that person's name and what messages Spirit wants them to hear, I shuffle the deck. As I lay the cards, messages pop into my head. I inform the querant about the meaning of the card - and whatever messages I receive from Spirit. It's a mysterious process, but it works. Sometimes you just have to say, "Why ask why."

There are many types of readings available; for more specific information about the types of readings and the prices for each reading, please contact me at becky.becktold@gmail.com.

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