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"Appreciation is a powerfully magnetic energy that helps you see the wider picture faster. As you appreciate, you see more and understand more. On an energy level, it brings intuitive breakthroughs and helps you realize God is within you. Appreciation magnetizes you to the Universal flow. When you sincerely appreciate what you have in life, you magnetize more of your heart's desires. Mathematically speaking, if people spent half as much time appreciating what they have as they do complaining about what they don't have, life would have to get better."
- Sara Paddison in The Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence

With the arrival of Thanksgiving last week, this is an ideal time for each of us to focus on the amazing and magical effects of thankfulness and appreciation.

This is a different sort of article from those that I usually write, but it comes from my heart. Those who have worked with me know that I incorporate the philosophy and suggestions of healing, prosperity and abundance in all my work. At the core of this philosophy is the belief in gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation. Gratitude can literally and figuratively change your life. It allows you to tap into the transformative energies that are out there and available to you.

Our world works like a giant duplicating machine. Whatever you focus your thoughts and energies on is what multiplies most in your life. You won't get rich by focusing on how little money you have, but you can get rich by honoring the wealth that you already do have. And this doesn't just pertain to money, but to love, joy, fulfillment and happiness. Stop focusing on what you don't have and rather give thanks for all that you do have.

I recently read of an exercise that Elyse Hope Killoran of the Prosperity Partnership Program uses to help put into perspective exactly how much we all have. It goes something like this.

Ask yourself what you are currently in possession of that someone might be willing to pay you more than $1 million for. Many people can think of nothing, but think of this.

What about your eyesight? Do you believe that someone who had lost (or never had) the power of sight would say that eyesight would be worth in excess of one million dollars?

What about health? Wouldn't it be fair to say that, to a person who has lost physical mobility due to illness or an accident or to someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, "health" would be worth at least, if not more than, one million dollars?

Consider freedom? Loving relationships? Children? The use of your ability to think and remember?

Now that your mind is moving in the right direction, take a moment and think of other ways you are already so wealthy.

What about a warm house, apartment or even a single room to sleep in. How must that seem to the homeless person?

The philosophy of creating "prosperity" and "abundance" incorporates so much more than just financial wealth. Its essence is the energy of our "well being".

If you want to be energetically aligned with all that this world has to offer, look for the evidence in your life of your current prosperity and abundance, honor it, think about it, focus on it and then invite more of it into your life now.

Being thankful can unlock the fullness of your life and make everything a bit sweeter and brighter and more joyful. As you appreciate your life, your passions, the uniqueness of who you are including all your experiences, you become more valuable to yourself and others. Attracting even more fulfilling life experiences and joy.

So during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, remember to gives thanks. Just say "thank you" and your world will get brighter and sweeter.

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