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Hypnosis and the News
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Dark Readings

A few years ago I had the great pleasure of meeting a man who helped run an independent living situation for handicapped adults. I knew right away that he was a very special individual, but it is only recently that I've come to realize just how special.

David, aside from working with handicapped adults, is also a published poet and has recently discovered his psychic abilities. He has started doing something he calls "Dark Readings". They are uncannily accurate. David calls his readings Dark Readings because he says that he has been made aware of the darker side of man and that he has been able to focus on those things that are hidden.

I had David do one of his Dark Readings on me and I must say that his readings are not negative by any means, they do, however, point out those areas in our life that we really need to focus on and perhaps change.

David's readings include his general reading, answers to three questions and a poem created just for you. If you are interested in one of David's readings, he is currently developing his website, but in the interim you can contact him directly at Blackwolfisme@yahoo.com and don't forget to let him know that I sent you.

Linda Simmon C.Ht.
New Beginnings

Shamanic Healing

I had the pleasure recently of getting a soul reading from Kelly long distance and it was such an eye opening and wonderful experience that I decided I must share her with all who come to my site. Her approach to soul work and healing requires your active participation and she is available to help you through the process. She is a wonderful and amazing woman and I encourage you all to read her article on Shamanic Healing and visit her site and learn more about this healing modality.
Articles: About Soul Intent Arts - A Shamanic Approach To Healing

Press Release

Local Therapist Uses Modern Technology to Hypnotize Patients Worldwide

LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2005 - New Beginnings, a hypnotherapy practice based in the San Fernando Valley, announced today it has been successfully providing alternative delivery methods for its services. New Beginnings offers downloadable, recorded hypnotherapy sessions via its web site, www.newhypnotherapy.com, on the Internet. It also creates CDs that patients can purchase and conducts hypnotherapy sessions over the phone.

"By making our services available to people nationwide, possibly all over the world, we're able to reach a larger number of patients. In fact, we believe that some patients are more suggestible when we hypnotize them over the phone or via our recorded sessions," says Linda Simmon, owner of New Beginnings. According to Ms. Simmon, patients may hold back when they are face-to-face with their hypnotherapist. Ms. Simmon feels that over the phone or when listening to a CD in the privacy of their own home, her patients may let down their guard and be more receptive to the positive suggestions and affirmations they are receiving.

The downloadable sessions recorded by Ms. Simmon and made available over the Internet are in the form of "mini-sessions" and have a nominal cost (between $4-$6), allowing a greater number of people to afford to try hypnotherapy. In addition, there is a free sample mini-session that can be downloaded at no cost. CDs are available for purchase (average price of $25) for a number of issues, including weight loss, healing, motivation, athletic competition, prosperity, and quitting smoking.

New Beginnings is a full-service hypnotherapy practice founded by Linda Simmon in 2002. Ms. Simmon is a certified hypnotherapist and graduate of the only nationally accredited school for hypnotherapy in the U.S. She has worked with patients nationwide, helping them better manage issues and create a better life.


There is an excellent article on Tarot by a woman I just recently had the privilege of "meeting". I write "meeting" because it has all been done by long distance. Check out her article on Tarot when you get a chance. She really is amazing.

Relax To Heal's New Look

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to present the newly remodeled www.relaxtoheal.com website. I am very pleased to introduce the Beautiful Magickal Things section with it's selection of Healing Gemstone Jewelry, self improvement books, CDs and other goodies and the new line of bath gels for those who would rather shower than take a bath. Although, they make a great bubble bath, too.

There will also be a featured article of the month, so check back regularly for updates.

I will be teaching classes in Long Beach at Points Of Life. Stay tuned for dates. The classes will be from 7:30 to 9:30 pm on Tuesday evenings. I am also available for psychic readings there on Tuesdays from 3-7 and on Saturdays from noon-5. This Saturday, February 12 there will be a psychic fair from noon to 5 at Points Of Light in Long Beach. I will be doing readings, so if you would like to meet me there and get a reading come on by. Points Of Light is the finest and best stocked metaphysical store in SoCal so if you need a book, incense or anything else, this is the place.

Karen G

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