… and as usual, a few of
my favorite quotes.

I was in a thrift store the other day with my daughter and
she came across a book of thoughts, sayings, poems, etc. by a very special man
she and my son spent some time with when they were quite young.

These are a few of his words.

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort..

“Who you are inside is what helps you make and do everything in life.”

"There’s a nurturing element to all human beings, whenever they themselves have been nurtured, and it’s going to be expressed one way or another."

“Solitude is different from loneliness, and it doesn’t have to be a lonely kind
of thing.”

"Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now."

"One of my wise teachers,
Dr. William F. Orr, told me, ‘There is only one thing evil cannot stand and that is forgiveness.’ "

"Love and trust, in the space between what’s said and what’s heard in our life,
can make all the difference
in this world."

"The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self."

“You bring all you ever were and are to any relationship you have today.”

"Often out of periods of losing come the greatest strivings toward a new winning streak."

"We want to raise our children so that they can take
a sense of pleasure in both their own heritage and the diversity of others."

"The world needs a sense of worth, and it will achieve it only by its people feelings that they are worthwhile."
— Fred (Mister) Rogers


Springtime (in the Northern Hemisphere) and New Beginnings. Welcome to the April newsletter. I hope it finds you all doing well.

When the weather starts to get a bit warmer, the days start to get a bit longer, the air is sweet with the fragrance of flowers blooming and the birds start singing more, up here we can’t help but start to think about starting new projects, perhaps even a new beginning; lose weight, quite smoking, exercise more, change in diet, a new job, a new love, something to make us feel new and fresh and exciting.

But the truth is a new beginning can be had by anybody any time Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall is an ideal time for New Beginnings.

One of the most important first steps to changing your life or your surroundings is by seeking and obtaining clarity. Keeping that in mind, I am pleased to present for your reading pleasure a guest article and after this wonderful article, a few thoughts of my own regarding Confidence, Clarity and Support from the Universe. I hope you all enjoy:

by Heather Askinosie, the Energy Muse

Have you ever noticed that some people just exude the energy of confidence? It’s as if they have this inner connectedness and knowingness that is solid and secure. How did they get this way? Transcendental meditation, yoga, eating organic food or weeks of silent retreat? They must have done something to have gained this inner knowing. There has to be some logical reasoning behind this state of bliss. I truly believe that faith, courage, trust and confidence are available to each and every one of us as our birthright. But how do we get there?

I recently read about this technique in a book and found it to be so interesting and simple I gave it a try. Here it is…Think of a question to which you want a yes or no answer. Or think of something you want more clarity on in any area of your life. Have your question? Now say your question out loud and ask the universe that you be given a specific sign (example: red roses, yellow balloon, dolphins - get creative) in the next 48 hours if what you are asking for is in your best interest. It is important not to go looking for your sign, or expect it to turn up in its obvious place. Remember this is an exercise of faith so if it is meant to be it will show up.

I was wondering if I should move forward with a particular project so I asked the universe to show me a sign of butterflies if this project was in my best interest. Hours later I went to take my son to the dentist. I went to sign him in and the sign up sheet had a border of the most beautiful butterflies I had ever seen.

I have used this simple dialogue with the universe many times and my questions are always answered. Sometimes I do not see my sign in the 48 hours and I know its better to wait for better timing or know that something better is waiting.

It always seems that when we take the time to slow down, look and listen, our answers are all around us. I often find a very healing peaceful way of getting connected is laying down on the floor or bed and placing a piece of rose quartz, malachite or green aventurine over the fourth heart chakra. Five minutes of breathing with your eyes closed and feeling the loving energy of the gemstone is magical. After these few minutes everything seems a bit more manageable and more in perspective.

The universe in all its magic is waiting for us to talk, engage and listen. People who are confident and project clarity of mind and purpose know and trust in something very basic but essential: things will work out as they are meant to. There is an ebb and flow in all of life which results in positive changes happening when their time has arrived. These people hold the tenant "this too shall pass" in their hearts and mind. They have an inner knowledge of self and an ability to completely surrender that we can create life but we cannot control it. Completely surrendering control allows a space to be formed inside of us where confidence and clarity can live.

Heather Askinosie

For more information about Energy Muse Jewelry, go to http://www.energymuse.com and you can hear Heather on the archived April 12 th show at Contact Talk Radio by visiting www.newhypnotherapy.com and clicking on the “Radio” button which will take you directly to the archive location.

Confidence, Clarity and Support from the Universe

What is the darkest hour of the night? Turns out it is the hour just before the dawn. The darkest hour of the night really is just before the dawn starts. Dawns, however, are funny things. They begin almost imperceptibly. At first, you really can't be sure whether it is happening or not. Then, as the dawn progresses, we start to see scary shadows in the half-light. Sometimes, we even notice things that we were blissfully ignorant of before. But as the sun rises and light washes over everything bringing a clear view, the scary shadows can disappear.

Even if you are in the middle of your own personal “darkest hour”, remember if you are starting to feel more anxious, confused or fearful, you do not need to. Using your subconscious you can reduce anxiety, apprehension and fear, you can gain clarity, build confidence and remove the fear by creating a powerful, detailed imprint of what you desire, need or want. Studies have shown that by practicing repeatedly short intervals of visualization, you are actually training your mind, preparing yourself so that you know what it looks like and what it feels like to have the confidence, resolve and clarity you need to reach your goals. Using that same visualization you can train your mind to recognize the opportunities offered to you, see the right path, feel the right situations and get a very clear and strong image of yourself having reached your goal.

Unfortunately, however, and frequently due to circumstances that we cannot readily change or control, we are forced into situations that are just bad for us. Some situations are deceptively debilitating. They subtly sap our strength and leave us without enthusiasm or energy. They are detrimental to our esteem, confidence, even our physical health and well being. For example, if you hear over and over that you are stupid, inept, clumsy, or any number of other insulting terms thrown about by the people you spend time with, your subconscious processes this information and since your subconscious initially considers everything to be a fact until proven otherwise, it takes the time and uses the energy to process what it hears and sometimes ultimately given enough time you will start to believe it.

This is when it becomes necessary to “clean house”. Hypnosis allows you to quickly and easily speak directly to your subconscious and just as quickly and easily to clean out the unnecessary negative message units that have been stored up in your subconscious. Giving you the feeling of relaxation, comfort and clarity that you need to make the changes you want.

A key element in the equation of life and success is clarity. Be absolutely clear about what you want. Crucial to accomplishing your goals, achieving prosperity, abundance, realizing your dreams and making it all a part of your reality. “The first step in using the power of choice is to wake up! In every phase of your development and growth, you need to be aware. Know that no matter what things might look like, you always have a choice. And know that when you make choices that express the real you, your life becomes yours and it will feel richer and thicker and fuller.” Nora MacFarlane

Over the years and especially since I’ve been working as a hypnotherapist, I’ve come to observe how frequently people readily relinquish the control over their future to someone other than themselves and so frequently to someone they don’t even respect or admire. Remember, that it is our perception of any incident, occurrence, activity or situation that determines whether we are happy or sad, have feelings of joy or hopelessness, think we are making progress or stagnating; and since it is our perception, you have the power to remove it at any moment.

This ability may very well be the most powerful tool that each of us has at our disposal to shape and guide our present as well as our future; but sometimes it seems as if maybe we are just afraid to use this tool, to take control and change the direction of our life. Perhaps it is easier to place the blame for the negativity in our lives on someone else thereby abdicating any personal responsibility whatsoever.

If you want to do some Spring Cleaning, if you want a New Beginning, why not take control of your thoughts, take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions. Guide them, mold them and do it over and over again. It does make a difference. You will feel stronger, happier and soon you will realize that you have taken back control of your own life.

Once you have taken back the control, then the real fun can start, realizing all the possibilities available to you, all the directions you can go in and finally realizing that life is indeed a journey more than a destination. A journey that you can control with a little clarity and a lot of trust.

Trust that the Universe has, does, and will continue to offer you what you need, want and desire. Look at that job offer that comes out of the blue, go to that party you’ve just been invited to, get together with that friend you’ve been hoping would call and they did. Take a look at the business opportunity that just fell into your lap. Trust that perhaps the time is just perfect.

Yes, you can have it all, if you trust and believe that you can!

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “ … in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” So live your life fully, with clarity, confidence and trust, all of your life, not just one small part of it!

Linda Simmon, C.Ht.

For those who are interested in pursuing this on their own, I have developed several mini sessions including Clarity, Fear, Confidence and Miracles. These are particularly well suited this topic.



Another poem by Mr. Steven C. Bowers

The Knowledge of Will

All the secrets that I hold, secrets of stories yet untold.
Passions, lust, legends bold, mythical tales of ancient old!
Ask what you will and I will tell.
Heavens reason, earth befell.
Man’s burden right and wrong. Laws perverted, earth is strong.
All you seek, the reason’s give, first you die then you live.
This is truth and the way, a thousand years is but a day.
Learn to see, learn to hear, knowing all that you will fear.
These are the secrets that I will show.
The truth of knowledge I must bear.
                                                                    Steven C. Bowers


— a bit different than usual, but good to know

  • The last time many of us wrote in a diary about our love lives, we were probably wearing braces or agonizing over acne. Well, blow off the dust and crack that lock.
    Seems it may help cement your bond with your partner if you write down your deepest thoughts about your relationship. In one study, couples who did so were more likely to be together months later compared to the couples who were told to just write about anything. The pairs who wrote about their relationships also had more positive things to say to each other.

  • Writing about your emotions can help produce clarity and calm, not just in your relationship, but in other aspects of your life as well.
    Write down your deepest thoughts about your career, your family, your pets, your dreams for the future -- anything. The simple act of focusing for a few minutes on those important things in your life may help you feel more enthusiastic or positive about them.

  • Even if journaling doesn't make your love life or your career the epitome of perfection, there are other very real health benefits.
    It can lower stress, lift depression, boost immunity, and cut down on trips to the doctor.

  • Great sex -- if it is within a mutually monogamous relationship -- may be one of the ultimate mood boosters.
    In fact, semen contains powerful -- and potentially addictive -- mood-altering chemicals, including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone, and prostaglandins. So although sex won't cure depression, it may boost mood if some of these chemicals are absorbed through the walls of the vagina.

  • When you see a look of panic cross a loved one's face, offer something that will have an immediate impact: your hand.
    Perhaps it's instinct to do that anyway. But now there's hand-holding data to back it up. In a recent study, the touch of a loved one had real power in times of crisis. Brain scans of people under duress revealed that threat-related brain activity diminished when a loved one grabbed their hands.

  • That tummy ache? Must be stomach cancer. That headache? A brain tumor. Forgetting things? Uh oh, Alzheimer's.
    Who hasn't overreacted to utterly common problems? But some people are especially prone to health fears. One antidote? Exercise. Sweaty workouts shrink health worries. You shouldn’t ignore persistent or sudden symptoms, of course. But if rationally you know you're fine, yet you just can't let go of nagging fears, go for a jog, swim, or hike.

  • Get this: If you think the years ahead will be better than the years behind, they will be.
    But if you expect your health to decline with age, you may actually encourage that to happen. How? By taking a why-bother attitude, especially about staying fit. Instead, buck the odds and stay active, no matter how old you are, 39, 59, or even 99 -- an age you should aim to reach.

If you have found this newsletter to be helpful to you and you know someone who you feel could benefit from these thoughts and messages please pass it on.Linda Simmon, C.Ht.
New Beginnings


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