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New Beginnings provides a variety of services including in person and telephone sessions, custom individual tapes and CDs to help clients unlock their true potential; release anger, guilt and hurt; eliminate self-defeating behavior patterns and realize their dreams.
Gift Certificates
This holiday season, why not give the gift that literally does keep on giving, the gift of change. What better gift can you give someone or even yourself than the ability to achieve what they want, reach that goal, become all that they can. You can purchase a gift certificate from New Beginnings which can be used for a personal session, CDs or downloadable mini-sessions. Do you know someone who wants to quit smoking, lose weight, increase their self-confidence, improve their relationships, find a better job, or just feel good!!

Hypnosis can be applied to whatever changes someone wants to make in their life. Who we are, what we believe and what we accomplish, it all starts in the mind. Take a moment and think about the thing that you or someone you know has been wanting to do but just hasn't been able to. Hypnotherapy can be the push needed to break through and realize that dream.

So, this holiday, give yourself or someone you care about the gift of change, the gift of reaching a goal or making a dream come true.

Click Here and print out the Gift Certificate, then fill in the amount.

Contact Linda at newhypnotherapy@att.net to redeem a gift certificate.

  • Self Esteem/Confidence
    The way you feel about yourself is crucial to so many aspects of life and the ability to create success in all areas of life. Hypnosis is a tool that is ideally suited to eliminating doubts, removing negative patterns or ideas which prohibit your conscious ability to make more money, be a better athlete, find and keep healthier happier relationships, tap into your creative force and the power within.
  • Relationships
    Are you in a happy, fulfilled relationship? The kind of relationship that makes you feel complete? If so, congratulations, you are one of a very small minority. It is no secret that the state of relationships in the United States today is disastrous. The divorce rate is steadily climbing and there is no indication that situation is changing. Relationship therapy allows you to explore the difficulties and conflicts in your present or previous relationships. Hypnotherapy can help you understand each other by improving communication and the ability to express your feelings. Hypnotherapy can help make change possible.
  • Stop Smoking
    One of the most successful ways to stop this habit is through hypnosis. If there is a sincere desire to stop smoking present, the success rate is about 80%. There are different approaches depending on the number of cigarettes smoked daily and the length of time you have smoked. In most instances the most successful approach is comprised of one session per week for a period of 6 weeks with a few follow-up sessions as needed.
  • Weight Management
    Hypnosis is a great way to lose extra weight and become trim again. Diets simply do not work for a variety of reasons. With hypnosis we can explore those reasons and help change bad habits into healthy ones so that weight loss can be permanent. Often overeating is for reasons other than hunger. Consider how often you may be reaching for food for reasons such as boredom, depression, anxiety, stress, reward, companionship etc. These can be stimulants that trigger an association mechanism in the subconscious mind. With hypnosis we can change these habits and associations.
  • Stress Management
    Stress and what it can do to the mind and body is a subject that continues to be explored extensively by the medical profession. Stress distorts perception. Everyone can use a daily dose of peace and relaxation. Regular relaxation sessions can act as a counterweight to the stresses of your daily activities. Different techniques can be used to encourage physical and mental relaxation, including gentle stretches, visualization exercises, and self-hypnosis. The combined effect of these techniques in a weekly routine have the ability to re-direct your energies into more creative and productive channels of inner well being.
  • Abundancy and Prosperity from the Inside Out
    Just as the Law of Gravity defines how physical matter is bound to earth, the Law of Attraction defines the energy field of "like attracts like". With a variety of suggestions, exercises and articles I work with individuals and groups to help create Prosperity and Abundancy in all areas of your life.
  • Pain Management
    Pain management through hypnotherapy is very special and effective if permitted by your doctor. Pain is a signal or symptom of something being wrong in physical body and/or mind. With a doctor's referral, we can reduce significantly the pain that is felt to tolerable levels. We work hand in hand with your doctor using many different techniques depending on the condition, whether it is chronic or short term, the severity of the pain, and many other factors. The success rate with pain management is very high.
  • In addition, hypnosis can help with:

  • Anger
  • Impulse behavior
  • Overcome substance abuse
  • Building self-confidence
  • Improving self-image
  • Sleeping more soundly
  • Exercising regularly
  • Relaxation
  • Enjoying life more fully
  • Eliminating bad habits
  • Overcoming fears
  • Overcoming sadness
  • Performance anxiety
  • Improving your golf game

    and so much more.....
  • "The body is a mirror reflecting the thoughts of the mind."

                                              Dr. Edward Bach

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