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Thank you so much Linda! I had hypnosis before in a real life session but your downloads far surpass my last experience. Your downloadable sessions have helped me so much. Changing my life. Thank you so much for everything I'll be back for more!! I believe a lot more good things will happen now that I'm letting go of my resistance to good things (something I didn't even realize I was doing until I found your site & sessions) so I'll write back soon to let you know how I am. AK


You're the best! I love your radio show also. I've been using your "sessions" for about 2 years ever since I started a new job and got "into" AA (and quit alcohol) at the same time. Really made a big difference in my life.

Two years ago, I had become a fairly angry person. I don't know why.... I was brought up to be a sensitive caring person. I was drinking regularly and heavily so that I didn't have to deal with family issues and loss of jobs etc. I joined AA and began listening to your downloadable sessions "Luck", "Focus", and "Healing". I responded to many things on a personal level, spiritually. So that, I came to think of myself as a very lucky person.

I also started working at an extremely well-known steakhouse about the same time, as a server. Everything seemed to change for the better for me from that time. I had developed a more optimistic attitude. I didn't act out defensively anymore. I was more open and honest with my fellow workers, was not greedy or vengeful. Strangely, I was not afraid of what others said or did and I was able to forgive myself for previous failures in my life (shutting the door to the past)! And the more of a tolerant, caring, basically "good' person I was, then the more people liked me, trusted me, and gave me more responsibility, and so on. I listened to your sessions in the morning and in-between lunch and dinner shifts. I felt more rested and better able to handle the stress at an extremely busy downtown Chicago restaurant.

So now two years later, I have very good relationships, both at work and at home. I make very good money. I am a respected trainer, and looked up to by the managers. But the best part is an optimism, an ability to overlook negativity, that I just didn't have, couldn't get without all these things coming together for me at this time in my life. And a large part of getting to the plateau today, is because of the sessions on your website. If I feel myself getting into one of the negative patterns of the past, I pull out the 'Healing' or the 'Love' or the 'Anxiety' downloads.

I guess, if I were you, I would wonder sometimes, "Who listens to my sessions?" "What kind of people are they?" "What do they do?" and "Do these people get benefits from me?" Well now you know one story at least.

Random acts of kindness will change the world!!

Thanks so much.

PC in Chicago

I just could not wait to get home to tell you what a huge difference I feel! I was able to go to the store here in town (nearest WM is 30 minutes away so to save gas....) and get a couple things. I admit I had to put my things down a couple times because I was going to walk right back out, but I did not feel the weakness in my knees or my heart pounding. I cannot thank you enough. I know I still have some work to do though in order to feel comfortable going outside as I did before, but I am well on my way. I honestly believe I can go to my own son's birthday party at a skating rink in a nearby town, whereas before I was not sure I could do it. I felt it was an impossibility. Thank you so much!
JC in Oklahoma

"Linda, I know you won't be surprised to hear this, but my depression is gone - totally and completely as far as I can tell... I spent years in therapy with psychiatrists and psychologists - I can't tell you how many sessions - hundreds!! Compared to the two sessions with you.
10 years of medication and disability for it and after your hypnosis - GONE!!

I talk up hypnosis and you/your site as often as I can!! My mother tries to raise her ugly little head from that trash bag down at the bottom of the stairs in the trash room you gave me, but I just push her back in!!"
D in California

"I have found the Releasing Workshop to be beneficial by acknowledging the weight of garbage one is carrying and to bring it up to consciousness, and in consciousness to forgive and release it, then to advance as a lighter human being into one's wakeful activity.

No matter what type of session I have with Linda, I always feel lighter, centered, focused, clearer in my purpose and desire, and transparent in my outlook and happiness. Her special craft works from the inside out, often with immediate results, as well as "lapping" post-session, like waves on a beach; you will feel a continual guiding, positive influence."
A from USA

"My experience at Healing House was divine. I went into the weekend full of stress and anxiety, and left feeling completely serene and at peace. To top it off, I opted to have one of the private HypnoMassage sessions after the workshop. I have NEVER experienced anything like it. Barry seemed to know where I needed work and every muscle that was holding onto stress immediately released under his magical touch. As I became completely relaxed into the massage, Linda began a hypno session that took me so deep that I seemed to leave reality. My mind chatter completely stopped and I seemed to float into the positive images and energy that was surrounding me. Unbelievable. It took some time to come back to reality, and there was no rush, but when I did, I was refreshed, rejuvenated and felt LIGHT and anxiety free...I highly recommend it to top off a wonderful weekend journey of relaxation and self healing."
JB from Los Angeles, CA

"If you are thinking about retaining Linda for a hynotherapy session, DO IT and do it NOW!! I've retained other hypnotherapists in the past, and I can honestly say that Linda is by far the best I've ever encountered. She does a great job of explaining the process of hypnotherapy, what you can expect during the session, and what you may encounter not only short-term, but long-term after the session. My first session with Linda was awesome! It created a HUGE shift in my career arena - a shift for the positive! Not only did I find the session beneficial, but I was able to recognize and deal with a major block that enabled a breakthrough in my subconscious. The relief I felt during that session was an emotionally releasing event in my life. I will never forget it. Immediately after the session, my first thought was "how can I stay focused on maintaining and strengthening that major breakthrough?" For that reason, I asked Linda if she could recommend any of her mini-sessions. She was able to do so. Her mini-sessions are enlighening, affordable and worth their weight in gold. Linda has the most incredibly soothing voice - just the sound of it gets you to a point of relaxation in an effective and efficient manner. If you are looking for ways to improve your quality of living, make an appointment with Linda. You'll be glad you did."
BB in Michigan

"I could never have imagined the changes I would undergo after listening to the release mini session. It sounds kind of silly, too, but I get teary-eyed just thinking about how I thought before and how I think now. (I'm not sure what kind of words to use -- maybe just telling you that I feel freer that I ever have before and I feel safe being free, is what I mean to say. I can't really put the feelings into words.) Nevertheless, I love it so much I listen to it almost every night before I fall asleep. Thanks again, Linda."
D from Florida

"I've been going thru some major changes in my life, to be brief, I just took a new job managing here in New York, it's a great opportunity for me to grow with such a young up and coming company..... I've sold all the necklaces featured and am starting a new LONGER collection for this fall/winter. I've enjoyed your many articles and always treasure the help you gave me at a very difficult time, I will always be in your debt ... sending you much love"
B from New York

"I came across Linda Simmon when I was surfing the internet for answers and came across a sidebar advertisement for NewBeginnings hypnotherapy, went to the website, and resonated with the description, visuals and message, and contacted Linda.

We do our sessions by phone. Thru conversation, we naturally develop a background of relatedness. I trust Linda to pull out from our conversation what she needs for my direction. In general, Linda utilizes several abundance, joy, energy, and releasing messages, and then caters specifically to my needs as well. I noticed an awesome manifestation of an unexpected $800 mere days after the first session.

She ingrains the psyche in a healthy manner to know that part of owning your desire is in allowing. Allowing for your desire is a golden nugget of fine-tuning in and of itself! I find her messages very helpful, and healthful. I feel good after a session, and her tapes definitely add value and benefit to my life as well. Linda caters to me, much like a coach, and I do consider our sessions, and the time between our sessions, where I email her, to be much like a life coach.

I find the sessions, without fail, work. This has been one of the most unanticipated and enlightened things I have volitionally done for myself to date. It is an enjoyable journey, with the added benefits of sharing it directly. "
A from Maine

"I am really enjoying the release/late night eating sessions (on the CDs). Along with the other 8 on the other 2 CDs. I have benefitted GREATLY from the release mini-session. I hate to sound like a commercial, but my relationship with my husband has improved exponentiallly!! I have noticed so many areas that are improved and I cannot thank you enough. I truly feel finding your website was one of the biggest gifts I have been given in this life. Thank you so much."
D from Florida

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